Three Unusual Ways Brushing Your Teeth Keeps You Healthy!

July 17, 2019by Smile Esthetics

We’ve all been told time and time again, since the time our first milk teeth were popping out, to brush our teeth twice a day. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day for at least two minutes for optimal dental health for good reason. Now apart from the obvious benefits of keeping your breath fresh, keeping harmful bacteria from building up and preventing gum infections, good oral hygiene can have positive health benefits for you beyond just your mouth.

Here are three unusual ways brushing your teeth can help you stay healthy!

  • It Can Prevent Heart Disease

Having good oral hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth keeps bacteria from building in your mouth. Should you for some reason wake up one morning and decide to stop brushing your teeth altogether, the bacteria that slowly begins to build up can travel down to your bloodstream and increase the likelihood of cholesterol build up in your arteries. This can lead to an increased chance of heart attacks.

  • It Can Help You Deliver a Healthier Baby

Yes, you read that right. Brushing your teeth can actually help your soon-to-be-born-baby! Gum disease can increase the chance of premature, low weight babies. The build-up of bacteria in your mouth not just puts your health at risk, it can risk your baby’s too. If that isn’t convincing enough, then might we mention that poor dental hygiene is also linked to delayed conception and impotence?

  • It Can Prevent Chances of Dementia

Studies have shown that the chances of developing dementia increase 30-40% in individuals who have poor gum health.

Want To Take Better Care of Your Teeth?

If you want to start paying more attention to your teeth, here are a few tips;

  1. Brush your teeth every day for at least two minutes.
  2. If you can, try to brush after meals.
  3. Use a fluoride toothpaste
  4. Don’t forget to brush your tongue to get rid of any extra bacteria and keep your breath fresh!
  5. Floss every day; preferably, before bed.

But while taking the measures above may improve the overall quality of your health and dental hygiene, it is still strongly advisable to visit your dentist regularly or at least twice a year to get checkups and get a deeper cleaning done.

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