Encanto Park Phoenix

Things to Do in Encanto Park Phoenix

While the weather in Phoenix, Arizona can be hot, the outdoor activities at Encanto Park will keep your family entertained all day long. The water park and splash pad, walking paths, and the Encanto Golf Course offer endless entertainment for the whole family. It is located at 2605 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007. There are even special lessons for kids at this golf course, so you can practice your swing for free! Read on to learn more about the amenities of Encanto Park Phoenix! Here are a few of them:

Splash Zone

If your kids love splashing and water play, the Splash Zone at Encanto Park is the perfect place for them. Phoenix’s hot summer months require plenty of water fun, so this splash pad is an ideal destination. Encanto Park is a 222-acre public park with a lagoon, boat house, and swimming pool. There are also two golf courses and 100 acres of natural preserve. For those who aren’t into golf, there are other options for families.


The Phoenix Art Commission commissioned a new project for Encanto Park: “WaterWorks at Arizona Falls.” Designed by artists Lajos Heder and Mags Harries, this attraction features flowing water, antique gears from the hydroelectric plant, and two aqueducts. The new project is a great way for the public to enjoy the park year-round. There are two waterfalls at Encanto Park.


Walking through the green park in the heart of Phoenix is the perfect way to explore the beauty of the area. Its 222 acres offer a diverse array of activities. It features a playground, paddle boats, and numerous bridges that span the park’s rivers. You can also buy picnic baskets and bird food to feed the birds. For a family day out, you can take your family on a paddle boat ride and enjoy the view from a shaded area.

Amusement park

If you’re looking for an amusement park in Phoenix, Arizona, chances are that you’ve been to Encanto Park. It has been operating since 1948, and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department has recently decided to put the park up for competitive bidding. The current operator’s 10-year contract expires on May 31. The city is considering a bid that will allow it to stay open, but that has a lot of skepticism.

African natives

Visit the Museum of African American History at Encanto Park Phoenix, and explore the 10,000 historical photographs, which document the history of Arizona’s African population. The museum also features a modern research facility, allowing it to be one of the few natural history museums in the metropolitan area. Visitors will enjoy the African American-themed exhibitions and exhibits, as well as the art and architecture. This historical museum is a must-see for anyone visiting the Phoenix area.

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